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Year 10 Program
Year 10 is an important step into VCE.  Please see the handbook attachment on the left, which outlines Year 10 electives planned.  This handbook provides parents and students with an overview of the course structure and a description of the various electives available.

All Year 10 students will study two semesters of English, Mathematics, Science and General Humanities. In addition they will choose 4 electives (two per semester) from the many outlined in this handbook. 

Selected students will be offered the opportunity to undertake a VCE Unit 1 and 2 elective as part of their Year 10 program. After consideration of students’ performances in Semester 1, decisions will be made regarding offers. A small number of second round offers will be made prior to the commencement program for students who have performed at a consistently high standard during Semester 2.

For students who take up the offer, the VCE units will replace two Year 10 semester length electives.

If students choose to study a Language, it must be undertaken as a two-semester elective. 

If students choose to study ADVANCE (Health, Outdoor Education and Global Social Responsibility) it must be undertaken as a two-semester elective. 

Students who include any Outdoor Education electives, including ADVANCE in their choices, will be required to meet the conditions for selection outlined in the College’s Outdoor Education Policy (which can be found in the Handbook on page 14).

Entry is now open for

the YEAR 10 SEAL ENTRY EXAM for 2018 (for current year 8 students)

Test date:  Wednesday 30 August 2017

Time: 12:30 pm

Venue: TBC

To register click here.

Registration Fee: $100.00

Monday 21 August 2017


This entry exam is designed for current year 8 students, both in and out of zone applications may be accepted.

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