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Careers & Pathways Program
The Careers and Pathways program at Brighton Secondary College helps students to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to make relevant and appropriate career decisions in the future.

The Careers office is located in the VCE & Pathways Centre. Students at all year levels are encouraged to make an appointment for career counselling and parents are also welcome to book an appointment.
Services offered include:
  • Individual careers counselling for all senior students
  • VTAC preference counselling for VCE students
  • Subject choice counselling for senior students to assist with career planning
  • Information sessions for senior students and parents
  • Access to a comprehensive Careers Resource Centre
  • A Careers intranet site, including the weekly Career News newsletter
  • Work Experience management and support
  • Liaison with VTAC, universities and TAFEs, including lunchtime guest speakers
Year 12 Tertiary Destinations
Year 12 Results and Destinations
We are very proud of our Year 12, Class of 2016 group! Their results were excellent and we wish them all the best for their future courses and career paths.

Class of 2016 - Destinations
The courses our students have entered after completing their VCE range in variety from Agriculture, Architecture & Building, Arts, Creative Arts, Environmental & Related Studies, Education, Engineering & Related Technologies, Food, Hospitality & Personal Services, Health, Information Technology, Management & Commerce, Medicine, Natural & Physical Sciences, Society & Culture.
Entry is now open for

the YEAR 10 SEAL ENTRY EXAM for 2018 (for current year 8 students)

Test date:  Wednesday 30 August 2017

Time: 12:30 pm

Venue: TBC

To register click here.

Registration Fee: $100.00

Monday 21 August 2017


This entry exam is designed for current year 8 students, both in and out of zone applications may be accepted.

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